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Date Posted:23rd Apr 2016
Item Title:ABB RAIO-01
Item Posting No.:00005153
Item sale price:USD 360
Item Description:ABB RAIO-01
Goods in stock
One year warranty
Skyp*e me : alisa123007
TEL:86-592-5322116 86-18020776782
MOORE (HK) AUTOMATION LIMITED  is a leading global supplier of control system components. We specialize in control systems and drives. 
With many years of experience in the industrial sector, we consistently deliver the highest quality of spare parts.
We have tens of thousands of spare parts and spare parts warehouse . Products and services to serve for installing of users control system,
Distributed control systems, programmable controllers, panel controller and drive!
* Our mission is to help you!
* Reduced maintenance costs!
We have a large inventory of control system components. We also made a lot of new hardware and discontinued spare parts to help supporting  your existing control systems.
We have experienced staff, extensive testing , all the spare parts which we sold are with warranty period of one year, and they have undergone rigorous testing and certification!
You might find you need spare parts in our data, we welcome you give valuable suggestions to us with our products  at any time, .
We have a lot of spare parts in stock  currently,they are  ready to be shipped.
If you order more than one item, please contact us, we can offer further discounts for you.
If you find other suppliers offer cheaper prices for the same product, we are also willing to provide you with reference to their price and give you  further discounts. If you have any other questions, please contact us at any time.
Waiting for your inquiry.
ABB 200-APB12
ABB 200-IT8
200-BPN 492897301
200-C1485G 492897601
200-CICN 492897801
200-CIE 492897701
200-PSMG 492898801
3BSC950019R1 TK520V030
3BSC950055R1 TK576V050
3BSC950056R1 TK576V115
3BSE016239R1 PM510V08
3BSE016240R1 PM510V16
AI620 3BHT300005R1
AI625 3BHT300036R1
AX670 3BSE000566R1
CI520V1 3BSE012869R1
CI522 3BSE012790R1
CI522A 3BSE018283R1
CI526 3BSE006085R1
CI532V02 3BSE003827R1
CI532V04 3BSE003829R1
CI540 3BSE001077R1
CI560 3BUC98002R0001
CI570 3BSE001440R1
CI610 3BHT300003R1
CI615K01 3BSE000756R1
CI630 3BSE011000R1
CI630K02 3BSE011002R1
CI670 3BHT300017R1
CI810B 3BSE020520R1
CI820-2 3BSE013202A1
Item Condition:Our company has many products in stock,which are immediately available.The warranty is 1 years which apply to all the new products.If you purchase one more parts from us,we can make a discount to you.
Other Comments:Our company has many products in stock,which are immediately available.The warranty is 1 years which apply to all the new products.If you purchase one more parts from us,we can make a discount to you.
Contact Name:Alisa Zhang
Contact's Email:Click here to email contact
Contact's Address/Telephone/Fax:A8,Huguang Bldg, Hubin East Road, Siming , Xiamen, Fujian, China
TEL: 86-592-5322116
FAX: 86-592-5165561
CELL: 86-18020776782

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If you communicate with the seller at the above listed contact details rather than the email contact form please mention quoting the item title and posting number.


Buyer's Safety Notice  Please read for safe trading hints and suggestions.


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