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Date Posted:15th Aug 2015
Item Title:woven corrugated belt
Item Posting No.:00004851
Item sale price:USD 80
Item Description:Woven Middle Speed Corrugator Belt / High Speed Corrugator Belt / High speed Corrugator Belt With Kevlar Edge / Woven Type Corrugator Belt / Solid Woven Corrugator Belt / Corrugated Belt / Corrugating Paperboard Belt/ Corrugator Belt With Low Noise / Corrugator Paperboard Belts / Enhanced Corrugator Belt /Woven Belt / Hydrophilic Type Woven Belt

Middle Speed corrugator Belt is 5 layer structure belt, made of the high grade PET continuous filament yarn with high tension and low flexibility.Our specifical structure design ensure the hydrophilic and drying ability.

High Speed Corrugator Belt is developed to high speed running and rapid dying of the corrugated board.the structure and the quality of the belt facilitates steam evaporation from the paperboard.The surface of the belt is twill weave to reduce the noise when high speed running on the machine,increase the friction coefficient.

High speed Corrugator Belt With Kevlar Edge is a consistent development bason on the high speed corrugator belt.It is ideal for corrugating systems with high production speed,even load systems and frequently changing paperboard widths.the belt's edge reinforcement of kevlar fibers reduce wear substantially and ensure a mor e long life time.

High Tensile Strenght
Heat Resistance
Good Moisture Absorption
Excellent Air Pemeability
Stability Dimension
Suitable for Linear Speed 100 -200m/min
Long Life Time (14000h)

Material: 100%PET
Manufacturing Process: Woven
Width: 1.4m-3.2m
Heat Resistance:200℃
Price: USD80~90/m2
Item Condition:Specification:
Material: 100%PET
Manufacturing Process: Woven
Width: 1.4m-3.2m
Heat Resistance:200℃
Price: USD80~90/m2
Contact Name:joyce
Contact's Email:Click here to email contact
Contact's Address/Telephone/Fax:A-708,Yihong Building ,No.298 Zhonghua


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